What is a Natural Hazard Disclosure Report?

The Natural Hazards Disclosure Act, under Sec. 1103 of the California Civil Code, states that real estate sellers and brokers are legally required to disclose if the property being sold lies within one or more state or locally mapped hazard areas. The law specifies that the six (6) required hazards be disclosed on a statutory form called the Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement (NHDS).

What do our reports include and cost?

SnapNHD reports all include Hazards Determinations and Tax Information, including Special Assessments. You can add on Environmental Hazard Data for an additional cost. View Pricing

How do you order a report?

Through our website or via Snappy – text to order.

How long does it take to get a report?

Most reports will be delivered immediately via email or text. Otherwise, your report will be delivered within 15 minutes unless otherwise informed.

Are your reports insured?

Yes, we have an E&O Insurance Policy that covers all parties in the real estate transaction.

What if escrow cancels?

If escrow cancels just call us or go on the site to cancel the report and you are not responsible for payment.

Do reports expire? How long are they valid for?

Reports do not expire, however the data on the report might change if the report date isn’t current due to government maps changing from time to time.

Can I use the same report for a different transaction?

No. Reports are valid only for the transaction for which they are issued.

How do I order a report with multiple APNs?

Please call our office for further information.

What is FHDS and do your NHD reports include it?

The Fire Hardening and Defensible Space Disclosure (FHDS) became required as of July 2021, and our NHD Reports include this new form where applicable, and we get updates and implement changes as CAR updates their forms.